Friday, 23 February 2018


Today we have been thinking about the emotions linked with the Easter Story and linking that to how colours make us feel. We all used warm and cool colours to create 2 crosses, one to show the sad feelings and one to show the warm, happy feelings. 

Well done, Lime! 

Thursday, 22 February 2018

We had a visitor!

Wow what a morning!

We came to school this morning and no one could enter the classroom as Mr Toogood had shut them off. There had been a break in! 😮

We investigated and then found that there had been a creature come and lay eggs and wreaked the classroom!!!! 

Later on in the morning, Miss Luffman emailed us that a dinosaur had been caught on our classroom camera! How exciting! 

We have been doing lots of work to find out about dinosaurs.  

We then had to tidy up!!! 

20.02.18 Springtime Walk.

In RE we are looking at the Easter Story. Today we looked for signs of new beginnings. 

19.02.18 Making shelters!

Maths and Phonics fun 07.02.18

Maths 05.02.18